The Scanner:

Fits almost any camera
Uses one camera instead of two
Does not damage binding
Glass flattens the page for better character recognition
Comes with custom software

The book-scanner was built because I wanted scanning books to be affordable -- to make it possible to email a printed book almost as easily as a digital one.

This facilitates the propagation of the best material. Without the ability to scan books, one is likely to send an inferior text merely because it is already available digitally.

Luckily, most books are already available through internet book-sharing networks (if you don't know how to find them, ask me about it), but it is always frustrating to be missing a text you need.

In order for digital books to be maximally useful, they need to be available for modification and incorporation into other texts -- that is, they must be copy-and-paste-able. This requires an OCR-able image. Besides low-cost, this is the primary goal of my scanner design.